Benefits of Nickel Plated Wiring

nickel plated wire in a spool

Nickel-plated wires add a lot of versatility and functionality to a wide variety of projects, as their intelligent design allows them to withstand considerable exposure without deterioration. Using nickel-plated electrical components and long-lasting nickel-plated wires is a smart way to extend the life of your work. 

Long Lasting Nickel Plated Wires 

Depending on your particular project, using nickel-plated wires may be a smart investment. In some settings, such as those with extreme temperature fluctuations or are exposed to a variety of environmental hazards, nickel may be a better choice than other popular wiring such as copper or brass. Nickel-plated wires are durable, stable, and are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, heating and cooling, and within the military. 

There are several benefits of nickel-plated wires, including: 

  • Corrosion resistance: Nickel-plated wires are excellent in outdoor applications, due to their high level of corrosion resistance. 
  • Oxidation resistance: Even after being exposed to water and air, nickel-plated wires uphold their original characteristics. 
  • Ability to withstand contact with acids and alkalis: If your project is likely to be exposed to various acids, the top protective layer of nickel-plated wires creates a barrier that permits a slow, non-reactive dissolve. 
  • Heat resistance: These wires are able to withstand temperature up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  • Extensive wear and tear: Nickel-plated wires are strong yet stretchy, allowing for extreme flexibility and versatility. 

Nickel is magnetic, which could be a pro or con depending on your needs. If heated above 350 degrees, nickel wire loses its magnetic properties.

Nickel Plated Electrical Components

Because it is so versatile, this metal has been infused into a wide range of nickel-plated electrical components. Gateway Cable Company is committed to bringing you the most expansive inventory of high-performance wires, cables, and other electrical components to ensure you find the right fit for your needs. 

Some of the nickel-plated electrical components we carry include: 

Find Nickel-Plated Wires Through Gateway Cable Company

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