Advantages of Coaxial vs.Twisted Pair Cables

Coaxial Cable

Looking for connector, cable assembly, receptacle, or plug in or around Lisle, IL? Gateway Cable is your source for industrial electrical cables, automotive battery and starter cables, military hardware, connectors & adapters, and much more. If you find yourself here, you may already know all that. If you’re looking to compare the advantages of coaxial cables over twisted pair cables, we’re here to help you from getting your wires crossed, literally and figuratively! Read on for more information or contact us anytime!

What is a Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cables are most commonly used for TV and internet connections. They are often longer compared to twisted pair cables and better shielded from crosstalk, meaning they are less at risk for electromagnetic interference. This also makes them ideal for data transfer. In fact, coaxial cables can transmit over 80 times the amount of data as twisted pair cables! They are, however, more expensive than twisted pair cables and often have lower transmission rates. 

What is a Twisted Pair Cable?

Twisted pair cables are one of the most widely used types of cables — especially by telecommunications companies. Why? They’re thinner and less expensive than coaxial cables because they’ve been around for many years. They also offer high transmission rates. 

Advantages of Coaxial Cables Over Twisted Pair Cables

Looking to replace old cables? You may be wondering if coaxial or twisted pair cables better meet your current needs. Thankfully, here’s a handy guide that may help you decide which is better for you:

  • Consider Coaxial Cables If: You need reliable cables for TV or internet data transfer, want better shielding, and require longer cable length.
  • Consider Twisted Pair Cables If: You are looking for a better value for telecommunications purposes or less data transfer and you also need high transmission rates.

Compare Coaxial Cables vs. Twisted Pair vs. Fiber Optic Cables

Coaxial and twisted pair cables aren’t the only types of cables you may be considering. Fiber optic cables are in vogue now and for good reason! They offer these benefits:

  • Superior data transfer compared to either coaxial or twisted pair cables
  • Commonly used when large amounts of data must be very rapidly transferred
  • Ideal for longer distance applications 

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