Learn How Electrical Cable is Made

Four core armored cooper cable

Electrical wiring and cables are essential to powering many of our everyday appliances, devices, and so much more. But, what are cable wires made of? Since electrical wires help your current flow efficiently, they need to be made of highly conductive material and insulated properly. Learn more about how electrical cable is made and then explore our inventory of electrical parts available at Gateway Cable Company today!

How are Electrical Cables Made?

Cables and wires must go through a certain manufacturing process in order to draw out the essential properties needed to properly handle your circuit connectivity. This begins with a process called wire-drawing. This involves reducing the diameter of the wire gradually to not only ensure improved ductility and conductivity but also fit the size of the conductor. Once this is done, the cable goes through a heat treatment called annealing. Here the electrical metal is heated and then given time to cool so that it can stress and toughen, which also increases its conductivity. Finally, the entire wire or cable is insulated from a range of different synthetic materials that further protects your electrical circuit from overheating.

What are Cable Wires Made Of?

So, what are wires made of, you might ask? Electrical wires and cables need to be made of high conducting metals to ensure a seamless current to your circuit. This means that they can handle the high voltage and energy running through, so many electrical cables and wires will be made of copper because of its strong resistant properties and wide availability. Copper is also a much more flexible material and has a much lower resistance. Wire other metals like gold and silver offer even greater benefits and won’t corrode over time as quickly, they are very expensive to use in mass quantity. You may also find that some wires or cables will be made of aluminum, but these can rust more easily and cause your circuit to overheat.

How are Cables Insulated?

Another important component of electrical cable production is to have a good insulator around the metal wires to avoid interacting with other wires and conductors. Insulating materials will keep the wires protected from current leakage, and keep the wires water and heat resistant. This is often a slim coating around the wires and can be made from a range of plastic and rubber materials as well as thermoplastic materials for top-of-the-line insulation.

Find Quality Electrical Cables at Gateway Cable Company

Now that you know how electrical cable is made, you’ll have a better idea of the proper cable or wiring you’ll need for your circuit. Learn more about Gateway Cable Company and be sure to take a look at our online inventory of electrical equipment to meet your needs like connectors, adaptors, cables, and so much. Don’t a certain part available? You can request a quote online for a particular item and we’ll ship it to you so you can complete your at-home electrical project. Contact us today for more information and to speak with our electrical experts who can answer your questions!