What Are Inline Fuse Cables?

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Inline fuse cables are simply the cables that are used in an inline fuse assembly alongside the inline fuse holder in order to provide the requisite protection to the circuit. To better understand what this means, let’s dive deeper into what inline fuses are in general, their makeup, and more about how they work.

What Are Inline Fuse Cables?: A Primer

An inline fuse, or “in-line fuse” as it’s sometimes spelled out, is essentially just a type of fuse commonly used in home or auto applications to protect electrical and electronic components. While most fuses are made of glass or ceramic cartridges, inline fuses are secured “in-line”, or inside a cable. That said, inline fuses work like other fuses.

What Do Inline Fuse Cables Do?

Inline fuses work just like other fuses, in that they prevent the circuits and/or wires with which they’re associated from overloading or overheating. When overloaded, the fuse melts, opening the circuit and preventing further damage that can lead to an electrical fire.

Why Choose Inline Fuse Cables?

Why are inline fuse cables advantageous? They’re most often used in automotive applications where high current is required, such as with the vehicle starter. Often, for instance, inline fuses are used to protect the alternator. Inline fuses are convenient and easily replaced, unlike circuit breakers, which must be reset rather than replaced.

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