What is a Solenoid Cable Connector?

Solenoid starter with cable connector

A variety of electrical systems have features that enable the automatic flow of fluid or liquids without any issues. To do this, many of these devices or systems will have a solenoid cable connector or valve in place. So what is a solenoid cable connector and what is it used for? Get the full breakdown from Gateway Cable Company to learn more about this essential component keeps your electrical connection intact and currents running smoothly!

What Does a Solenoid Do?

So, what is a solenoid, or what does a solenoid do, you might be wondering? Solenoid cable connectors, which can also be referred to as solenoid valves, are a variety of transducer devices that change static energy into motion to operate other system components like a pneumatic or hydraulic valve, or a solenoid switch. The piece of the solenoid itself is an electric coil with a ferromagnetic core or plunger in the middle. If the coil is at rest, the plunger closes off a small orifice, but if an electric current is run through the coil, this produces a magnetic field, causing upward force on the plunger to open the orifice.

What is a Solenoid Used For?

While solenoid cable connectors and valves are used heavily to ensure seamless water flow and pressure in everything from dishwashers and washing machines, to large scale car washes and irrigation systems, they also provide other additional benefits to customers such as:

  • Electric power is reduced far enough to hold position and conserve energy.
  • Latching enables for low-frequency switching where a short electric pulse moves the plunger and permanent magnet is used to keep the plunger in place without wasting more power.
  • Optional manual override feature provides better safety and convenience during testing, maintenance, and much more.
  • Media separation so that liquids moving through the valves are isolated to ensure nothing gets mixed or contaminated.
  • Position feedback uses a binary or NAMUR signal or sensor output to indicate the on or off state of your valve.
  • Low noise during the opening and closing of the valve.

Turn to Gateway Cable Company for Your Electrical Needs

As you can see, solenoid cable connectors and valves can ensure your electrical systems and devices continue to operate at their best. When it’s time to tackle your next electrical project, turn to the experts at Gateway Cable Company where you’ll find many other helpful how-to guides about things like continuous duty solenoids so you’ll have the knowledge to take on your next at-home cable or wiring job and choose from our online inventory of connectors, adaptors, cables, and so much to meet your needs. Customers in search of a certain part they do not find on our website can request a quote online and have it sent directly to their home. Contact us today for more information and to speak with an electrical professional!