What is Marine Cable?

Cross section of a submarine communications cable – 3d illustration

Marine cable is a specific kind of electrical cable that’s used in nautical applications, like boating. While some people balk at the idea — and potential added cost — of using marine wire vs. “regular” wire, it is certainly a recommended practice. Why is that? Marine wire has a number of unique benefits, and we here at Gateway Cable Company are happy to offer an overview of some of the most common ones. Read on to learn more, or contact us for additional information about our cable solutions.

The Basics of Marine Cable

Marine cables, or marine wires, are a specialized type of general cable that have been specifically engineered and manufactured to withstand conditions at sea, such as humidity, high salinity levels, and wet conditions. Marine wire also better holds up to vibrations and movement that often accompany the boating life. 

Marine Wires vs. Regular Wire

How does marine wire differ from “regular” wire? There are several differences worth noting that make marine wire ideal for nautical applications, including:

  • Extra Thickness: Marine wires of an equal gauge to regular wires are often as much as 12% thicker. In other words, if you were to measure the wire diameter of a marine cable vs. standard electrical cable of the same gauge, a marine wire would actually be thicker. This provides extra protection.
  • Anti-Oxidation Properties: Marine wires are often made of copper like other wires, but this copper (or other conductive metal) is then coated to prevent oxidation, usually with a substance like tin. Marine wire such as tinned oxygen-free copper (TOFC)  thus, is ideal for the humid, wet, rust-promoting conditions at sea.
  • Wire Flexibility: Marine wire has much finer standing than comparable regular wire, making it more flexible, and better able to withstand movement and vibration.
  • Temperature Capacity: Marine cable is designed to withstand not just vibration, but also to resist heat and extreme temperatures. 

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