What is Nylon Used for in Cables?

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Many mechanical cables experience a significant amount of stress during use, requiring them to be both flexible and durable for desired performance. Nylon coating for cables helps protect them against ongoing wear and tear as well as harsh environmental factors, and there are other benefits of using nylon coating, too! Discover the different kinds of nylon coatings and whether this type of cable is suitable for your next project. 

Different Kinds of Nylon Coatings  

Nylon is the most commonly used material for cable coatings due to its versatility and proven ability to extend cable performance and lifespan. Other materials such as PVC or vinyl are occasionally used, but they typically don’t offer the same superior tolerance against damage. Depending on what a wire is made from and what it will be used for, you may see thicker nylon applications. In general, nylon coating for cables provides strong durability, chemical resistance, and customization in color and diameter. 

Benefits of Using Nylon Coating 

For projects that will face extreme weather conditions or close proximity to other abrasive materials, nylon coating for cables is strongly recommended. The benefits of using nylon coating include: 

  • Exceptional protection: Nylon can better withstand harsh conditions and strenuous repeated pulling over other materials such as Teflon or PVC. These materials will deteriorate in demanding situations, which nylon is designed to handle with ease.  
  • UV protection: The sun’s rays can cause significant damage, but nylon’s UV inhibitors make for excellent outdoor usage without discoloration or loss of strength. 
  • Abrasion resistance: Cables without a protective coating are bound to experience more wear and tear. 
  • Coloring: Nylon is available in a rainbow of colors, allowing you to color-code cables for easy identification. 
  • Longevity: The different kinds of nylon coating help cables last up to three times longer than their uncoated counterparts. 

Explore Nylon Coating for Cables with Gateway Cable Company

Using nylon-coated cables is a smart way to extend the longevity and performance of your next electrical project. Gateway Cable Company offers an expansive inventory of military-grade electrical materials designed to withstand the toughest conditions; request a quote to keep your project’s budget and timeline on track today.