What is Polycarbonate?

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While it’s crucial to understand how electrical processes work and how different components and tools must be handled correctly, it’s also important to understand what these materials are. On many of our electrical products at Gateway Cable Company, you’ll see dust caps and other parts made of a certain material called polycarbonate.

What is polycarbonate and why is it an important material to use in electrical work? Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic material that’s 250 times stronger than your average piece of glass and often used for safety and protection. This material can sustain large amounts of impact and damage. But that’s not all! Find the answers you need and more with Gateway Cable Company.

What is Polycarbonate Made of?

Polycarbonate is commercially produced and is made of a mixture of glass and plastic materials designed to offer even more protection. It’s typically produced in large sheets similar to glass and comes in a variety of options, such as clear, tinted, and black. Once the material is produced it’s easily pliable so you can shape it your needs. This material has many great properties; it can withstand high temperatures and maintain its structure when hit with heavy items. Its ability to sustain so much also makes it an ideal material for 3D printing.

What are Some Polycarbonate Uses?

While polycarbonate has been versatile with its use in safety goggles and protective gear, automotive windshields, outside protection from UV rays and chemicals, and so much more, it has proven to be a great electrical conductor. Polycarbonate is also a strong insulator with heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties, which is why it’s a common material used in electrical items.

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