What Makes Cables Waterproof?

If you need electrical power through a wet or aquatic environment, safety is a primary concern. Before you introduce electricity into an underwater area, you may be interested in what material makes cables waterproof. You may also be asking, “Can I put my cables underwater?”. Since each aquatic setting presents unique challenges, working with a reliable team to acquire the quality of cable you need is essential. Below, we’ll discuss what materials make cables waterproof, explore waterproof cable jacket materials, and answer, “Will water damage a waterproof cable?” Continue reading with Gateway Cable Company for more information!

Will Water Damage a Waterproof Cable?

The introduction of water into a live circuit can quickly become hazardous. If you plan to use electricity around water, or potential sources of water, waterproof cable jacket materials and watertight seals are a must. With that in mind, you may be wondering, “Can I put my cables underwater?” The answer is yes! With the properly produced products, you can bury cables underground and underwater. So, what material makes cables waterproof? Waterproofing materials include:

  • Water blocking tape – Also known as “swellable tape” can be woven or non-woven and is rapidly absorbent. Since water blocking tape quickly swells at the point of insulation failure, damage can be mitigated and the affected area can be quickly identified. 
  • Water blocking gel – Water blocking gel is used to fill gaps found inside a cable’s internal conductors. This water-repelling gel is inserted during manufacturing and is critical towards blocking the spread of water that has seeped into a cable.  
  • Swellable yarn fillers – Swellable yarn strands can be inserted into cables without impacting the dimensions of the overall cable. Swellable yarn cables minimize damage and contain leaks while also making areas of concern easy to identify. 

Waterproof cable materials must be able to withstand varying aquatic elements. Freshwater, saltwater, chlorine-filled pools, variable depths, and other conditions all impact a submerged cable. With different cables designed to combat different aquatic environments, it’s important to work with experts who can help you get your hands on the exact cables you need for your work. 

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