What Causes a Fuse to Blow?

A fuse box is an electrical device that stops circuits from being overloaded. So, what causes a fuse to blow? A number of different factors can short circuit your fuses, so it’s important to touch base with a certified electrician to help you find the root cause. Find out all about fuses with Gateway Cable… Read more »

What is a Fuse Used For?

If you’ve experienced a power outage of some sort then you may have likely blown a fuse. While blowing a fuse leads to the inconvenience of losing power to your essential electrical systems, fuses play an important function in keeping circuits protected from an everflow of heat and energy which can cause much more dangerous… Read more »

How Does a Fuse Work?

Fuses are a tiny but essential component to our electrical systems and appliances, as they prevent our circuits and wires from overheating or an overflow of current which can lead to dangerous electrical fires. With such a small part of your electrical system providing protection to your circuit, you might be wondering, “How does a… Read more »

What is Current Overload?

When it comes to managing your electrical projects, you’ll always want to maintain the right electrical current to avoid sending too much power and electricity to your current. Similar to a river or a stream, a steady current offers smooth passage, while a higher current is where you can run into some dangerous problems. That’s… Read more »

Types of Fuses

Each electrical job is unique, that’s why there are many different types of fuses you can choose from. Are you looking for a low voltage or a high voltage fuse? Are you working with an AC or DC fuse? Get all the information you need to get the job done as Gateway Cable Company breaks… Read more »

How to Test a Fuse

In order to ensure your electricity and electrical components are working properly in your car or at home, it’s important to know how to test a fuse. When you regularly test your fuse, you can gauge whether they are working properly and whether you need to make some adjustments. There are also some clear indicators… Read more »

How to Install an Inline Fuse

While there are many different types of fuses to help you achieve or maintain the power you need, an inline fuse can be a great component to ensure an even distribution of electricity for your circuit. So, if you need to add a fuse holder to your car or to some of the lighting in… Read more »

What is an In-Line Fuse?

Fuses are protective devices used for electrical and electronic components. What differentiates an in-line fuse from other types of fuses is an in-line fuse is secured inside a cable as opposed to a ceramic or glass cartridge. If you’re shopping for an in-line fuse, learn more about their functions and how they work, then contact… Read more »