What is a Fuse Used For?

Electric fuses

If you’ve experienced a power outage of some sort then you may have likely blown a fuse. While blowing a fuse leads to the inconvenience of losing power to your essential electrical systems, fuses play an important function in keeping circuits protected from an everflow of heat and energy which can cause much more dangerous problems and even further damage. Learn more about what a fuse is used and how you can maintain great connections on all of your projects with the help of the professionals at Gateway Cable Company!

What Does a Fuse Do?

So, what does a fuse do? A fuse is an expendable component of your electrical systems. If you’re experienced a circuit breaker or blown a fuse, this is a direct reference to the function of fuses. A fuse is a protective metallic strand of wire with noncombustible materials like aluminum, copper, or zinc, that is capable of conducting high levels of energy and heat. If your circuit is being supplied with more energy than it can handle, the excessive electrical current flowing through can melt the fuse, open the circuit, and disconnect the power supply. While it may be unfortunate to lose power or blow a fuse, this ensures that the energy is cut off from the circuit so that there isn’t additional heat that can lead to dangerous electrical fires.

What is the Purpose of a Fuse?

While the main purpose of a fuse is to ensure that your circuit does not overheat or lead to any further damage, there are many other important reasons why fuses play a crucial role in your electrical current and equipment. Here’s a breakdown of the many reasons fuses are so beneficial:

  • Personal safety from faulty or damaged electrical circuits
  • Cost-effective and easy to replace
  • High interrupting rating
  • High reliability and won’t be contaminated by dust or oil
  • Component protection
  • Extended circuit and system protection
  • Selectivity for under both overload and short-circuit conditions.
  • Minimal maintenance and no periodic recalibration
  • Longer life

Find the Right Electrical Tools at Gateway Cable Company

As you can see, fuses serve essential functions to protect not only our electrical connections and circuits, but also our personal safety, and more. When you’re in need of the tools or information to tackle your next electrical project with ease you can always turn to Gateway Cable Company. Shop our online inventory to find the right materials for your next job with our selection of connectors, adaptors, and cables for sale, or if you don’t see a certain part in stock, you can request a quote online and we’ll have it shipped to your home. Contact us today for more information on our electrical parts and services and to speak with an electrical expert who can answer any of your questions!