How Can I Prevent Fungi Forming On Electrical Wires?

There’s a fungus amungus. You’ve likely heard that quippy line before. But, did you know that there are plenty of fungi species that can grow in the air? In humid environments where electrical wires are present, this can cause trouble. So, how can you prevent fungi from forming on your electrical wires? Gateway Cable Company… Read more »

How Do You Calculate Water Resistance?

Here at the Gateway Cable Company we’re proud to sell a wide variety of products for use in the military, agriculture, and the automotive industry. We may not have a water resistance calculator, but we understand that some may be asking, “how do you calculate water resistance?” We’ve written the guide below to show you… Read more »

What is a Hook-Up Wire?

What is a hook-up wire? It’s a special type of wire that’s used primarily in low-current, low-voltage applications. If you need wiring for an enclosed piece of electronic equipment, there’s a good chance you need a hook-up wire. Hook-up wires vary in terms of conductors, jacket and insulation material, and voltage, so it’s important to… Read more »