What is a Hook-Up Wire?

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What is a hook-up wire? It’s a special type of wire that’s used primarily in low-current, low-voltage applications. If you need wiring for an enclosed piece of electronic equipment, there’s a good chance you need a hook-up wire. Hook-up wires vary in terms of conductors, jacket and insulation material, and voltage, so it’s important to consider the requirements of the application. Read on to learn more about hook-up wires with Gateway Cable Company, and the important role they play in electronics. 

What is a Hook-Up Wire Used For? 

Hook-up wire is in the lead wire family and serves as a single insulated conductor. You can find hook-up wiring in the following devices: 

  • Control panels
  • Automobiles 
  • Ovens 
  • Meters 
  • Internal components of a computer 
  • Office machines and appliances 
  • And more 

What to Consider When Buying Hook-Up Wire 

Hook-up wires come in different sizes and rated voltages. If you’re searching for hook-up wires, consider the following before you buy: 

  • Conductor-Related Specs
    • Material: The conductor material inside hook-up wires is often made of copper, which is the most commonly used conductor material. Copper resists corrosion and has a high thermal conductivity. 
    • Size: In the U.S., the size of a conductor is measured in American Wire Gauge (AWG). If the gauge number is high, the wire will have a small diameter. Wires with a thicker diameter can carry more current and have less resistance. 
    • Stranded or Solid Wires: Stranded conductors refers to a group/s of wires that are twisted together, making them more malleable than solid wires. 
  • Material: The jacket materials protects the wire and helps prevent current from leaking from the conductor. Jackets found on hook-up wires can be made from PVC, neoprene, silicon rubber, and more. 
  • Voltage: The rated voltage of a hook-up wire plays a role in other aspects of its design, such as insulation thickness. If you’re thinking about applications in terms of voltage, generally anything requiring <1 kV is low voltage, while 1 to 36 kV and >36 kV are medium and high voltage, respectively. Hook-up wires are best for low-voltage operations. 

Learn More About Hook-Up Wires at Gateway Cable Company

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