What is the Difference Between Volts and Amps?

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Having the right volts and amps set up will ensure the right power is being delivered to your electrical circuit. But what is the difference between volts and amps? While volts are used to measure the force of the electrical charge, amps are used to measure the electrical current flow throughout your circuit. Learn more about how volts and amps impact each other to get the best power out of your electrical project at Gateway Cable Company today!

What is a Volt?

So, what is a volt you might ask? Voltage (V) is the difference in electric potential between two points on a circuit. This includes a conductor carrying a constant current of one ampere and when the power resistance between these two points is one watt. It is essentially the amount of force pushing charged electrons through your circuit, so electrical components in the same voltage will deliver steady power to your circuit.

What is an Amp?

Next, you might be wondering, what is an amp? An amp (A) is the measure of the electric charges flowing throughout a circuit. With more charged electrons running through your circuit due to more voltage, the electrical current will increase as well.

Volts vs. Amps: Ohm’s Law

When comparing volts vs. amps, you’ll also find that there are special tools to measure each. You’ll need a voltmeter to measure voltage and an ammeter to determine the amp. Another way you can correlate these two is through Ohm’s Law which indicates that voltage (V) is equal to the flow of the electric current (I) multiplied by the resistance (R) in the circuit. This is represented as V = I x R and is an easy and quick way to help you determine the voltage, resistance, or current flow of your electrical circuit.

Find Quality Electrical Materials at Gateway Cable Company

Now that you understand the difference between volts and amps, you can determine the correct voltage and amperage you need for your next electrical project. You can find more helpful features for your at-home cable needs and a range of quality parts like connectors, adaptors, cables, adapter plates, and so much more to keep things running smoothly in our online shop. Customers can also request a quote online for a particular item and we’ll have it sent to you! Want to speak with one of our electrical experts? Contact us today!