How to Terminate Coax Cable

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables are used to transmit cable, internet, and audio signals, connecting transmitters and receivers with their respective networks. With these easy coax cable termination instructions, you can save money by making your own cables in a few simple steps.

Collect Your Tools

To do the job quickly and easily, you’ll need the right materials. Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • Coax cable
  • Cable stripper
  • F-type connector
  • Compression tool
  • Needle nose plier (optional)

Start Your Work

Once you have everything you need, find a clear workspace to begin terminating your coax cable.

  1. Place your cable into the stripper, allowing some length to hang out the end.
  2. Spin the cable stripper around the cable, in both directions, until the cable is cut through.
  3. Pull off the cut end. If difficult, use a needle nose plier for additional leverage.
  4. Place the F-type connector onto the end of the cable, ensuring there is a firm connection. The cable must be flush with the connector in order for tool to work properly.
  5. Insert the cable with its F-type connector into the compression tool and squeeze tight, multiple times if necessary.
  6. Pull on the end of your cable to ensure the connector is securely attached. Once firm, you are done!

Use Your Cable

Once ready, you’ll be able to use new coax cable for your audio, visual, or internet needs! Making your own cables is an easy way to take control of your projects, but if you need more advanced connectors, plugs, receptacles, and cable assemblies, Gateway Cable Company can help get you the materials you need. We are your trusted experts in electrical connectors and more! To request a quote, contact us today.