In-line Fuse Assembly and Battery Cable Assembly

In-line Fuse Assembly and Battery Cable Assembly

Whether you’re trying to replace an in-line fuse assembly, or you’re looking for a NATO grade battery cable to the starter that won’t break down, you’ll be able to find it with Gateway Cable Company. Our selection of fuse assembly and battery cable assembly make it easy to find exactly the part you need, with the guarantee that you’re getting a unified product no matter when you order it. Find out about the different battery cables to starters we have, and more. You can also discover what in-line fuses are for, or reach out to us with any questions that you still have. 

What is an In-line Fuse Assembly?

It goes without saying that fuses are a protective device, designed to keep your electrical components from receiving too much power. However, when it comes to fuse assembly with an in-line fuse, you’re looking at a device that is secured inside of a cable instead of housed in a ceramic or glass. That makes it easier to replace an in-line fuse, without needing to replace the entire device in the event of an overcharge of current. You’ll often find in-line fuses in automotive, such as the starter motors. 

Battery Cable Assembly

When it comes to making sure that your automotive isn’t experiencing an overload of power when you first start it, you’ll find that the battery cable to the starter motor is an in-line fuse. When too much power for your alternator passes through the battery cable to the starter, the in-line fuse will melt and sever the connection to protect your alternator. That is why battery cable assembly can be so important, since a simple in-line fuse is a far easier replacement money wise than an entire alternator. 

Find Your Fuse Assembly and Battery Cable Assembly at Gateway Cable Company

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