In-line Fuse Assembly and Battery Cable Assembly

In-line Fuse Assembly and Battery Cable Assembly Whether you’re trying to replace an in-line fuse assembly, or you’re looking for a NATO grade battery cable to the starter that won’t break down, you’ll be able to find it with Gateway Cable Company. Our selection of fuse assembly and battery cable assembly make it easy to… Read more »

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Fuse?

Whether operating a passenger vehicle, agricultural machinery, or other equipment, you may not think twice about turning the key in the ignition to start the engine. But the truth is that there’s a lot happening when you make this simple gesture. One component that plays a crucial role in successfully starting the engine is the… Read more »

How Does a Starter Work?

Without a functioning starter, the engine in a vehicle cannot turn over. Gateway Cable Company offers a high-quality product line including starter cables for a variety of applications. It’s simple enough to understand when a starter requires maintenance, but have you ever stopped and wondered “How does a starter work?” You wouldn’t be the first… Read more »

Electrical Wire Color Code

What is the red wire in electrical work vs. the blue wire? The electrical wire color code allows electricians, contractors, and other workers to easily identify the correct wire at a glance. Not only does this make your work quicker, but more accurate as well. However, there are different standards for different countries, voltages, installation… Read more »

What is Military Grade Fiber Optic Cable?

Let there be light! Did you know that fiber optic cables use light to transmit information and data at much faster speeds than copper cables, CAT5 cables, and CAT6 cables? It’s true! Combining the faster speeds of civilian fiber optic cables with military-grade sturdiness, military grade-fiber optic cables provide tempting benefits for military applications. A… Read more »

What is a Multimeter Used For?

A multimeter is a tool used for measuring electrical voltage, resistance, current and other things. You may have an analog or digital option, and they are used for a variety of reasons and for a number of purposes. Electricians prefer a multimeter, and will find uses for them in detecting issues with: appliances, motors, circuits,… Read more »

What is an Electrical Circuit?

If you work with electrical components you may wonder what allows the flow of electricity to remain uniform in a constant direction. The simple answer: circuits. So, what is an electrical circuit? An electrical circuit is a pathway along which electrical current is able to flow. Electrical circuits are made up of multiple components that… Read more »

What is a Fuse Used For?

If you’ve experienced a power outage of some sort then you may have likely blown a fuse. While blowing a fuse leads to the inconvenience of losing power to your essential electrical systems, fuses play an important function in keeping circuits protected from an everflow of heat and energy which can cause much more dangerous… Read more »