Benefits of Army-Tank Automotive Command Products

Here at Gateway Cable Company, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products across the board. That pride extends to our ability to offer components approved by the U.S Army Tank-Automotive Armaments Command (TACOM). But what does the Army Automotive Command do? What are the benefits of Army-Tank Automotive Command products? TACOM is a vital institution that coordinates, curates, and delivers the essential products that U.S Army ground forces rely on every day. Learn more about TACOM and the equipment they manage below.

What Does the Army Automotive Command Do?

So, what does the Army Automotive Command do? When speaking about TACOM, the U.S Army reports that “If a Soldier drives it, shoots it, wears it or eats it, we sustain it.” TACOM is a Major Subordinate Command of Army Material Command and is responsible for the supply chain of ground equipment for the U.S Army.

All in all, roughly 60 percent of the equipment used by the U.S are approved U.S Army-Tank Automotive Command products. TACOM oversees six of the Army’s manufacturing arsenals and maintenance depots scattered throughout the country. Through supply chain management and orchestrating industrial operations, TACOM provides the equipment that supports U.S Army soldiers.

TACOM partners with many civilian specialists to produce and deliver the caliber of products the U.S Army requires. From engineers to logisticians to even industrial artisans, TACOM coordinates far-reaching partnerships to ensure the very best equipment is on the front lines. TACOM oversees supply chain management for over 3,500 weapon systems and steps in when products must be created, repaired, manufactured, or modernized. TACOM heavily relies on small-businesses like Gateway Cable Company to offer high-quality products that can quickly enter the stream of production to adequately support our military. 

Find Approved U.S Army-Tank Automotive Command Products

At Gateway Cable, we’re proud to offer American made products that are durable and reliable. Producing approved U.S Army-Tank Automotive Command products allows us to plug into the supply chain that sustains over half of the products used by U.S Army ground forces. Meeting the standards set by TACOM enables us to not only provide high-quality products, but to also support our armed forces at a moment’s notice. 

From food-supply to ammunition, TACOM manages it all, and our team is happy to be a cog in that impressive and crucial machine. If you’re interested in equipment that offers the benefits of Army-Tank Automotive Command products and the quality that ensures, request a quote from us today. You can also contact us to learn more about the products and services we provide.