Military Grade

What Does NATO Stand for & Why Does it Matter?

Formed in 1949, NATO is a security alliance of 30 countries from North America and Europe. However, many people are wondering, “what does NATO stand for, and what does NATO do?” The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is comprised of a political and military component that allows member countries and partner counters to work together to… Read more »

Benefits of Army-Tank Automotive Command Products

Here at Gateway Cable Company, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products across the board. That pride extends to our ability to offer components approved by the U.S Army Tank-Automotive Armaments Command (TACOM). But what does the Army Automotive Command do? What are the benefits of Army-Tank Automotive Command products? TACOM is a vital institution… Read more »

How to Install a NATO Receptacle

In most cases, M-series vehicles are outfitted with a 2-pin style slave cable receptacle. However, should you find the need to install one yourself, our team can show you how! But what is a NATO receptacle? A NATO receptacle is part of a NATO field plug that plays a critical role in charging external electronics,… Read more »

What is an Adapter Plate?

When managing parts or fixing certain equipment, appliances, vehicles, military hardware, or more, adapter plates can be used to easily allow two parts that are different sizes to be attached together. This makes it much more efficient to connect parts together, especially if you choose to go with aftermarket parts over OEM parts. Adapter plates… Read more »

What Does MPN Mean?

Are you trying to find the right parts for your next electrical product, or are in need of an exact replacement to ensure the proper power to your appliances and devices? To easily find the right parts you need, you’ll need to use your Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). This unique code provides customers with vital… Read more »

What is Procurement Approval?

The military is a billion-dollar industry, and for military procurement approved suppliers and contractors, hard work, high-quality products, and the correct registrations and certifications can take business to new levels of success. Gateway Cable Company is a procurement approved supplier of military-grade products. What is procurement approval? Essentially, it means businesses like ours meet the… Read more »

What is a NATO Field Plug?

In the realm of electrical connectivity, NATO field plugs stand out as reliable solutions tailored for specific needs, particularly within military contexts. So, what is a NATO field plug, and how does it function? Let’s dive deeper into its workings and applications. At its core, a NATO field plug is primarily designed for NATO ground… Read more »


If you’re searching for military-grade electrical products, you may have stumbled upon the phrase “NATO STANAG.” What is NATO STANAG, exactly? STANAG is an acronym for STANdardization AGreement. There are many different STANdardization AGreements, such as STANAG 4007 or STANAG 4074, that outline the processes for developing electrical equipment (as well as many other types… Read more »

What is CARC Paint?

Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) is a specially developed paint described in MIL-DTL-53072E. It’s used on military vehicles and electrical equipment to help protect against chemical, biological, and radioactive weaponry. CARC paint was designed to be easily cleaned after exposure to chemical and biological weapons, and isn’t damaged by the decontaminating solutions used during this… Read more »

What is an NSN?

If you’ve heard of NATO products, like slave cables and plugs, you might be wondering, “What is the NSN meaning?” An NSN NATO Stock Number is a 13-digit number used to locate a standardized Item of Supply (IoS) for easy recognition by NATO countries and certain non-NATO countries. This includes the United States of America…. Read more »

What are Ozone-Resistant Materials?

Ozone is a more powerful oxidant than oxygen. Ozone in the ozone layer protects the surface of the Earth from solar UV radiation exposure. Ozone in the troposphere (ground level) is formed when nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds react in the atmosphere in the presence of sunlight. In contained areas, ozone can… Read more »

What Does “Military-Grade” Mean?

Nowadays, “military-grade” has become a selling point for many different types of products, from smartphone cases to portable coolers. For many electrical components, such as connectors and receptacles, cable assemblies, and more, whether or not they’re “military-grade” is especially important. When it comes to product development, “MIL-SPEC” means designed to MIL-STD (or military standards). Read… Read more »

What is DFARS Compliance?

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) compliance refers to a series of cybersecurity regulations created by the Department of Defense (DoD) for suppliers and contractors who work externally. The goal behind these standards is to protect classified information and maintain a strong defense against security threats. Below, you’ll find more information on DFARS, how it… Read more »

What’s Special About NATO Power Plugs?

Unlike your average electrical plug, NATO power plugs meet the requirements put forth under a STANdardization AGreement (STANAG). What does this mean? To put it simply, NATO plugs are military-grade and offer the highest possible reliability. Read on to learn more about what makes NATO slave cable plugs special, then shop for the component you… Read more »

What is MIL-PRF?

Standardization is a process used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to ensure products are reliable, uniform, interoperable, and cost-efficient. U.S. defense standards, also known as military standards, contribute to making standardization possible. There are different types of standards and specifications, such as MIL-PRF. What are MIL-F standards? Gateway Cable Company is going to… Read more »