What are NATO Electrical Connectors?

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NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) connectors adhere to military or technical procedures defined under a STANdardization AGreement (STANAG). Like U.S. defense standards (also known as MIL-SPEC), NATO standards outline the processes, terms, and conditions for the manufacturing of equipment like power connectors for military use. The difference is, however, that these standards exist so the military of one member country can use the stores and support of another. Learn more about NATO standards and how they tie into components like NATO slave connectors.

Common NATO Standards for Electrical Components

Whether you’re searching for a NATO slave connector or a NATO battery connector, you’ll often see product descriptions that include something like “conforms to NATO STANAG 4074.” What does this standard, along with other standards, mean? Here’s a quick look at the meanings behind some common NATO standards military-grade connectors are manufactured to meet or exceed:

  • NATO STANAG 4074 — Standardizes the dimensions and properties of auxiliary power unit connections for starting tactical land vehicles used by the armed forces of NATO.
  • NATO STANAG 4007 — Specific to prime movers, trailers, and towed artillery.
  • NATO STANAG 4133 — Method of specifying electrical power supplies used for general purposes by NATO land-forces.
  • NATO STANAG 1008 — Standardizes shipboard electrical power systems in the warships used by NATO navies.

What are the Benefits of Using a NATO Electrical Connector?

Of course, the main benefit of using a NATO power connector is dependability. Electrical components manufactured to meet NATO standards perform reliably under the harshest of conditions. Components like a NATO slave plug are waterproof, resistant to corrosion and petroleum, resistant to ozone and fungus, and resistant to extreme temperatures. Whether your application is military or non-military, these types of connectors offer the highest amount of reliability an electrical component can.

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