What is a NATO Field Plug?

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What is a NATO field plug? A NATO field plug is a charging solution that can be used with NATO ground tactical vehicles, which are equipped with a 24-volt DC port. Slave cables and NATO plugs can be used for slave (jump) starting or to harness power from the 24-volt port for other applications. When you need a field plug, NATO field plugs provide strong current and durability. Learn more about NATO field plugs below!

What Are the Applications of a NATO Plug?

Per NATO STANAG-4074, NATO field plugs are designed to be compatible with NATO tactical ground vehicles. The interoperability requirements of STANAG 4074 are “to standardize the dimensions and basic characteristics of the auxiliary power unit connections for starting tactical land vehicles in use in the armed forces of NATO.” The NATO receptacle can be placed inside or outside the vehicle.

Benefits of Using a NATO Field Plug

NATO field plugs were designed to help U.S. soldiers charge their portable electronic devices more easily than ever before. Accordingly, NATO field plugs make charging handheld devices such as smartphones, shaving devices, e-cigarettes, and more possible, using the power of a tactical ground vehicle such as an armored car or tank.

What is the Relationship Between a NATO Plug and a DC Inverter?

DC-AC inverters are commonly used with NATO plugs. They plug into the NATO receptacle on tactical vehicles and can be used to power small tools, mobile phones, and laptops. The inverters typically contain an internal cooling fan, an overload indicator, and an external replaceable fuse. NATO field plug USB power converters are also used to convert the 24-volt DC slave receptacle into a power source for USB devices.

Using a NATO Plug to Jump-Start a Vehicle

A NATO plug can make jump-starting a vehicle easier. Because military vehicles include a built-in electrical system with a receptacle, slave cables can be connected easily. The vehicle with the good battery can connect to the vehicle with the dead battery quickly, allowing for a hassle-free jump-start. Our selection of military-grade slave cables and cable assemblies makes finding what you need simple.

What Vehicles Are Compatible With a NATO Charger?

All tactical ground vehicles are compatible with the NATO field charger, since all such vehicles come standard with a 24V slave port that follows STANAG-4074. This has been the case since 1996.

Where Can You Use a NATO Field Plug?

You can use a NATO field plug anywhere you take your tactical ground vehicle and electronic device(s). The current that the plug provides depends largely on the ambient environmental temperature where you’re located. That said, the field plug is designed to automatically turn off if it overheats as a safety measure. One thing to note, though, is that you should NOT attempt to use the field plug when wet. Even though the plug itself is designed to be waterproof, should water get inside the contacts, that can easily cause a short circuit.

Field Plugs and Other Military-Grade Equipment Can Be Found at Gateway Cable Company

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