What Does MPN Mean?

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Are you trying to find the right parts for your next electrical product, or are in need of an exact replacement to ensure the proper power to your appliances and devices? To easily find the right parts you need, you’ll need to use your Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). This unique code provides customers with vital information to make the best decision on their parts purchase and so much more. So what is MPN? Read on to find out and then turn to the experts at Gateway Cable Company today for all of your cable and electrical needs!


What is MPN Number?

So, what doe MPN mean? This acronym stands for Manufacturer Part Number and is used to identify a certain part model and consists of a series of numbers and letters. This can often be confused with other things like a part number or serial number which are often used to signify your exact part. The MPN number is typically on your part’s barcode and is shown alongside the product when it appears online or in a catalog. 

How is MPN Number Used?

When shopping online or even in person, knowing the MPN will help you easily identify which part you’re looking for. Whether you’re purchasing this part for the first time or trying to find the right replacement, this enables you to quickly do part searches and comparisons much more seamlessly so you can find the right part at the right price. As you search for electrical parts using an MPN, this will also prompt your search engine or social platforms to display more relevant products. If you’re searching for parts with MPNs on eCommerce sites, this is also used to provide customers with other helpful information such as technical specifications. 

Other Product Labels

Along with your MPN, you may come across other labels to find certain products that have unique numbers derived from the item’s bar code. Some of the product labels besides MPNs you can find include: 

  • GTIN-14: Global Trade Item Number
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number
  • UPC: Universal Product Code
  • EAN: European Article Number
  • JAN: Japanese Article Number

Find Quality Electrical Cables at Gateway Cable Company 

After learning more about MPNs, and how parts are classified, you’ll have the knowledge to find your part with ease. Get started by taking a look at our online inventory where you’ll find connectors, adaptors, cables, and much more to meet your needs. If you don’t see a certain part for your project, request a quote online for a particular item and we’ll have it sent directly to you! Contact us today for more information and to speak with an electrical professional who can answer any questions!