What is a Frayed Wire?

A frayed wire is a wire whose ends have been severed or exposed through its insulation. Frayed wires are at risk of lower performance and can even be dangerous if left in disrepair. What should you do with a frayed wire, and can it be fixed? Our experts walk through our top frayed wire fixes and recommendations in this overview. 

What to Do With a Frayed Wire?

Frayed wires can be brought on by a variety of causes, including:

  • Rodents chewing through insulation
  • Wires scraping against a sharp metal surface
  • Excessive bending or movement around a particular part of the wire, especially the ends

When the metallic innards of a wire are exposed, it can create a hazard to both the system it’s attached to and its surrounding environment. Wires are insulated to protect the current from accidentally coming in contact with another potential conductor, which can have disastrous results. Too much electricity or power within a cable system can result in electronics, appliances, or any other type of machinery to overpower and short circuit, frying out the electrical components. Worse, some frayed wires may even start fires as the current runs loose. 

What should you do with a frayed wire? If you see metal poking through a wire’s insulation, it needs immediate attention. You can either choose to replace the wire completely or, depending on the severity of the fraying, you may be able to use some simple frayed wire fixes to remedy the issue. 

How Can I Fix a Frayed Wire? 

If you’re dealing with a frayed wire, there are several frayed wires fixes you can try: 

  1. Electrical tape: wrapping layers of electrical tape around the entire frayed section can help form a temporary barrier between the current and other environmental stimuli. 
  2. Heat shrink: while more costly than electrical tape, this material provides a longer-term solution to frayed wires. Applying heat to the heat shrink helps it form a tight seal around the damaged area. 
  3. Sugru: this flexible material forms a protective, rubber-like seal around frayed wires. Once you’ve molded it around the wire, it takes 24 hours to cure and harden. 
  4. Cable protectors: if you’re dealing with a frayed cell phone changer, slipping a cable saver on the end can help extend the life and performance of your cable. 

Some frayed wires may be beyond repair, and in fact, using electrical tape should only be used as a temporary fix until you can replace the wire outright. Many of these frayed wire fixes should be viewed as more like bandaids than permanent solutions. Fully replacing a frayed wire is the only way to ensure your total safety and peace of mind. 

Replace Frayed Wires with Gateway Cable Company 

When it’s time to replace a frayed wire, explore our vast inventory of cables to find your perfect it. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, request a quote from Gateway Cable Company and we’ll find a solution for you!