What is a Twisted Pair Cable?

Cable SSTP cat6a (Twisted pair)
A twisted pair cable is created by taking two different insulated wires and twisting them together, allowing them to run parallel to each other in a pattern. This type of cable can be either a shielded twisted pair cable (STP) or unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP), and while they each exhibit a unique design, both serve the same purpose in connecting electronic equipment and transmitting telecommunications.

What is the Purpose of Twisted Pair Cable?

There are many benefits of twisted pair cables. In fact, twisted pair cables are commonly used in a variety of voice and data infrastructures, thanks to their ability to help avoid multiple kinds of signal interference. STPs are often utilized by networks for preventing crosstalk and reducing noise, while UTPs are regularly used for ethernet connectivity and telephone systems. Both types of twisted pair cables are heavily used in telecommunications because they provide excellent frequency range for data and voice, resulting in a clear signal. Additional benefits of twisted pair cables include:

  • Flexible bend radius
  • Easy termination
  • High versatility

What is the Difference Between a Twisted Pair Cable and Coaxial Cable?

Twisted pair cables and coaxial cables are both involved in transmitting communications, blocking out internal interference for a better final signal. But they each serve different purposes and are not used interchangeably. While a twisted pair cable consists of multiple cables twisted together, a coaxial cable features a singular, copper core. This is used to transmit clear, visible video signals, whereas the twisted pair is generally focused on audio transmission.

Fiber cables are also an option when dealing with telecommunication networks, as they use optical fibers to transmit data via light, increasing speed and reliability. Because of their excellent performance, fiber cables often incur a much higher cost — but depending on the project’s needs, they could be a helpful option.

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