What is an Electrical Contact?


With many people using appliances, electronic equipment, or motors at home, it’s important to understand how electrical contacts work in order to ensure seamless connection and your devices work properly. So, what is an electrical contact? Electrical contacts are low-voltage switches that complete or disrupt a circuit that is affecting your electrical current flow. Learn what this tiny, yet essential component is made of and how it can improve your next electric project by reading on.

What is a Contact in Electrical Work?

Electrical contact is a switch that can be classified as either normally open or closed. If an electrical contact is an open position, no current will run through unless the circuit is closed. On the flip side of this, electrical contacts in the closed position will have a current flowing through until the circuit is opened. No matter if you have an open or closed electrical contact, you’ll want to make sure your electrical contact has some of these essential properties to improve its reliability:

  • Conductivity of Metal
  • Chemically Induced Corrosion Resistance
  • Hardness Under Pressure
  • Current Load Capacity
  • Shaping Capacity of Materials
  • Length, Width, and Thickness of Material

What are Electrical Contacts Made Of?

If you’re working on improving the current flow of an appliance or device at home, you can create your own electrical contact with three key components. So, what are electrical contacts made of? They each consist of a stationary and moveable contact, and an operating coil. As the electromagnetic current flows through the circuit, the moveable contact is either opened or closed against the stationary contact to meet your needs. Like it was mentioned before, quality metals can ensure the best performance from your electrical contact. Some reliable conductors you can use for your electrical contact include:

  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Brass

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