What is HASS Testing?

Testing a switchboard

Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) is a screening method used to monitor the quality and uniformity of manufacturing by finding production flaws and defects in products. HASS is performed on a component after HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing), as testing is based on the results of the previous HALT. The stresses used during HASS testing are also similar to those used during HALT. Get more information about HASS testing guidelines from Gateway Cable Company!

What are the HASS Testing Guidelines?

The main goal behind HASS is to highlight any manufacturing problems that could lead to products failure during shipping, storage, and regular use. How is this accomplished? HASS is comprised of two parts:

  • HASS Development/Proof-of-Screen
  • HASS Production Screen

Once the product has been strengthened through HALT, an organization can create a custom production screen to bring any process flaws to light. These screens include the use of environmental stresses, such as vibration, extreme temperatures, temperature cycling, electrical loads, and more.

  • HASS stresses are based on the limits identified through HALT.
  • Combinations of stresses are applied simultaneously.
  • “Critical” product stresses, which were detected during HALT, are applied.
  • A precipitation screening pushes the product beyond its operating limits or to the point where it’s nearly destroyed.
  • Product failures caused by inherent defects are accelerated to evaluate results.
  • A detection screen is carried out and the product is evaluated at near operating limits.
  • The failures identified during the precipitation screen are confirmed and other soft and hard failures are noted.

What are the Benefits of HASS?

  • Quicker than traditional methods, such as ESS
  • Time and costs to screen production are reduced
  • Effective at exposing defects and makes them easier to correct
  • Makes products safer and sturdier for the customer
  • Improves the quality of the product and manufacturing processes at large

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