What is CARC Paint?

Military vehicle

Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) is a specially developed paint described in MIL-DTL-53072E. It’s used on military vehicles and electrical equipment to help protect against chemical, biological, and radioactive weaponry. CARC paint was designed to be easily cleaned after exposure to chemical and biological weapons, and isn’t damaged by the decontaminating solutions used during this process. Find out more about CARC paint below and the many benefits it offers in military operations. 

What are the Benefits of CARC Paint? 

There are three main benefits to CARC paint: 

  • Resistance to Chemicals: One of the reasons CARC paint resists chemical, biological, and radioactive agents so effectively is because it’s non-absorbent. Any harmful agents that come in contact with CARC paint won’t be transferred to personnel, assuming the surfaces have been decontaminated. 
  • Quick Decontamination: The properties of CARC paint make it much easier to decontaminate than your average paint. Decontamination isn’t a fast or cost-effective process, but it’s less of a hassle with CARC paint.
  • Built-In Camouflage: Made with a special pigment package, CARC paint helps the surface it’s applied to blend in with its surroundings, making it more difficult to see on infrared cameras. 

How is CARC Paint Applied?

CARC paint MIL-SPEC pretreatments, primers, and topcoats comprise a three-tiered application process, which must be followed to the letter for desired results. 

  • After the surface is prepped and cleaned, pretreatments are laid down first (about .3 to .5 millimeters thick). 
  • Next comes the epoxy primer (about 1 to 1.5 millimeters thick). If the paint is being applied to an armored carrier, it’ll receive a coat of epoxy polyamide enamel plus the epoxy primer in the interior. 
  • Finally, the surface is finished with topcoats of aliphatic polyurethane and a color, such as dark green, sand, aircraft grey, or black. 

Once the CARC paint is fully applied, the surface is impervious to biological, chemical, and radioactive agents. 

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