What Does “Military-Grade” Mean?

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Nowadays, “military-grade” has become a selling point for many different types of products, from smartphone cases to portable coolers. For many electrical components, such as connectors and receptacles, cable assemblies, and more, whether or not they’re “military-grade” is especially important. When it comes to product development, “MIL-SPEC” means designed to MIL-STD (or military standards). Read on for more answers to the question, “What does “military-grade” mean?”

What Do MIL-STD and MIL-SPEC Mean?

MIL-STD was developed by the U.S. military in 1945 to maintain uniform expectations, costs, and performance of products. Military standards have evolved over the years to accommodate changing needs for performance and the introduction of new technologies, and are even used by many non-defense organizations today. Military-grade products meet military specifications, or MIL-SPEC. When a product is MIL-SPEC, it was designed to perform in especially harsh conditions.

What is MIL-STD-810?

There are many different military standards in use today, and they go well beyond designing and manufacturing electrical equipment. In many cases, when MIL-SPEC equipment is mentioned, the standard they’re referring to is MIL-STD-810: “Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests.” This standard outlines what a specific piece of equipment should be able to withstand, be it corrosion, vibration, humidity, chemical agents, explosion, or leaks. In general, the goal of MIL-STD 810 is to:

  • determine the performance of the equipment when exposed to a series of environmental stresses
  • identify the equipment’s weaknesses and areas that could be improved
  • help develop test criteria specific to the equipment and its environmental life cycle
  • ensure the item is compliant with any contractual requirements

Many military standards are applicable to/directly refer to electrical equipment, such as MIL-PRF-62122(E) (a specification many of our products exceed), but in general, MIL-STD-810 more broadly conveys the purpose behind these standards.

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