What is Procurement Approval?

Military vehicle

The military is a billion-dollar industry, and for military procurement approved suppliers and contractors, hard work, high-quality products, and the correct registrations and certifications can take business to new levels of success. Gateway Cable Company is a procurement approved supplier of military-grade products. What is procurement approval? Essentially, it means businesses like ours meet the requirements necessary to manufacture for the military, be it the army, airforce, navy, or another branch.

What are Some Myths Surrounding Military Procurement?

Supplier and contractor contracts with the military are often viewed as impossible to obtain for small businesses or non-lucrative. Here are a few of the most common myths surrounding manufacturing for the military:

  • Only large companies can be procurement approved. This is untrue. According to government regulations, the military must award at least 23% of all buys to small — not large — businesses. Being a small business can be an advantage if you wish to become a supplier.
  • Suppliers aren’t compensated by the military. Again, this is untrue. There are strict regulations in place, such as the Prompt Payment Act of 1982, to ensure military suppliers are paid in-full and on-time.
  • Military manufacturing consists of weapons, aircrafts, and tactical land vehicles. While this is true, there’s much, much more to military manufacturing. From military-grade electrical equipment and night-vision devices to textiles and medical supplies, the military has a need for all sorts of suppliers.

What’s Needed to Become Procurement Approved?

Obtaining a military contract is a process for companies of any size and reach. Businesses must take the following steps to manufacture products for the military:

  • Have a valid IRS taxpayer ID number
  • Get a free nine-digit Dun & Bradstreet number for every business location
  • Register a profile on the System for Award Management website
  • Get a five-digit Commercial and Government (CAGE) code
  • Fill out a supplier capability form
  • Authorize MFG.com to quote for you
  • Complete and submit a DD 2345 form
  • Obtain necessary certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015
  • Be DFARS compliant

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