What is a Slave Cable Power Inverter?

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Slave cable power inverters make using the 24-volt electrical systems of standardized NATO military vehicles safe and easy. With a NATO slave cable inverter, it’s possible to use a wide range of devices in the field. Read on to learn more about DC-AC inverters, how they work, and the role they play in everyday military operations.

How Does a DC-AC Power Inverter Work?

Essentially, NATO slave inverters convert the DC (direct current) produced by a battery into an alternating current (AC). Per STANAG 4074, NATO tactical vehicles produce 24 volts. DC-AC power interverters allow operators to quickly utilize the vehicle’s electrical system in the field. Usually, even heavy-duty 24-volt batteries can generate only a low-voltage DC that can’t power a lot of devices on its own. A power inverter increases the DC voltage, and transforms it into AC before the current is transferred to a device.

What is NATO STANAG 4074?

STANAG 4074 is one of many STANdardization AGreements published by NATO. These standards lay the groundwork for common requirements for equipment, military methods, and technical procedures for member countries. This allows member countries to communicate effectively and share equipment. STANAG 4074 sets the standard for auxiliary power unit connections for starting NATO’s technical land vehicles. Per this standard, most NATO military land vehicles include a 24-volt DC slave receptacle that can be used with field plugs and slave cables to provide power.

What Are the Uses of a NATO Power Inverter?

NATO slave cables, a power inverter, and a plug can be connected to the 24-volt DC slave receptacle on a standardized NATO military vehicle. The DC-AC inverter transforms DC to AC, and can power laptops, cell phones, cooking gadgets, repair tools, and more without the need for another power source; the military vehicle is the power source. USB converters can also be used with inverters to power devices that require USB connections, such as laptop chargers, phone chargers, docking stations, and much, much more. This makes staying connected in the field easy.

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