What is MIL-PRF?

Military vehicle
Standardization is a process used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to ensure products are reliable, uniform, interoperable, and cost-efficient. U.S. defense standards, also known as military standards, contribute to making standardization possible. There are different types of standards and specifications, such as MIL-PRF. What are MIL-F standards? Gateway Cable Company is going to tell you all about it! Read on and learn more about MIL-PRF and how it plays a role in the way we make our products.

What Is MIL?

MIL means “Military” in the context of the term “MIL-PRF” or “MIL-SPEC.” In short, it’s the foundation upon which military standardization rests and sets the expectations for items like electrical products that are tough enough for what goes on on the battlefield and other harsh environments. Gateway Cable Company is not your only source to purchase military-grade products, but we’re also here to give you the knowledge you need to make better decisions and get the right product for the job.

So, what is the “MIL” meaning in the context of MIL-PRF vs. MIL-SPEC, otherwise known as MIL-STD? Read on and our team will enlighten you!

What Does MIL-PRF Standard for?

MIL-PRF is a Performance Specification with MIL standing for Military. Performance Specifications outline the compliance requirements of certain products, in addition to the criteria and guidelines that they should meet. To sum it all up succinctly, MIL-PRF defines the following:

  • How the item should function
  • The type of environment in which it should operate
  • Interchangeability with other items and systems

What is the difference between MIL-PRF and MIL-SPEC? In both cases, MIL means “military.” However, MIL-SPEC is a Defense Specification that covers the technical requirements that are innate to the military or heavily modified commercial items for especially high performance. MIL-PRF, on the other hand, covers the standards and requirements that those items need to meet in terms of performance.

What Does MIL-PRF 621122(E) Mean?

There’s such a vast universe of MIL-PRF standards out there. There are thousands, to be precise, and many have more than one version. No matter if you’re shopping for military receptacles, plugs, or other components, you want to get a good grasp on the scope to ensure that you’re meeting military standards. On the topic of military-grade electronic components, you’ll likely encounter the following standard:

  • MIL-PRF-62122(E): This specification covers cable assemblies, plugs, receptacles, and adapters, which are used to create a temporary connection between the electrical systems of two vehicles. The purpose of this temporary connection is to start the main engine of a disabled vehicle from an operating vehicle. These two vehicles have the same level of voltage power source, allowing one vehicle to be used as a power source to start the main engine of the second.

Why Purchase Military-Grade Products?

When it comes to the reliability of an electrical connector or plug receptacle, plug, connector, etc., you’re not going to do much better than an item that meets or exceeds MIL-PRF. Generally, you’ll find the following qualities available to you when you pick a MIL-PRF-compliant product:

Learn More About the Military-Grade Products at Gateway Cable Company!

At Gateway Cable Company, our facilities are an ISO 9001:2015 quality standard facility. That means we produce high-quality electrical components that meet the absolute best of the best in product stringency, including MIL-PRF 62122(E). If you’ve got more questions about MIL-F standards, contact our team today to get in touch with an expert. Do you have something in your mind as it pertains to a particular product? Request a quote online!